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What is a pondless waterfall?

What is a pondless waterfall? A pondless waterfall is a waterfall or stream that disappears into a bed of river rock instead of a pool of water. The pump is located below the gravel in the pump vault where the water circulates back up to the top of the pondless waterfall spillway. In essence, it is a waterfall or stream minus a pond. Thus the name, pondless waterfall.

Benefits of a Pondless Waterfall:

Benefits of a Pondless Waterfall: • Easy to construct • Virtually maintenance free • Great for those who travel • Can be activated by the flip of a switch • Can fit into any size landscape • Energy efficient • Safety (standing water can be dangerous for small children)

3 Steps to building a pondless waterfall…


Step 1 Design

Design…Things to consider when building your pondless waterfall

  • Location- Front yard, back yard, entry way, side yard etc…
  • Viewing areas- Enjoy your pondless waterfall from several viewpoints in your yard.
  • Length- Pondless waterfalls can fit in any area.  How long do you want your steam to be?
  • Rock- What type of rock are you using in your pondless waterfall?
  • Electrical- Most pumps are 110V and come with a 10’-20’ power cord.
  • Water supply- Use a garden hose to top off your pondless waterfall or would you rather install an auto fill?

Step 2 Purchase

PurchaseWhat size pondless kit?

  • Make sure your pondless waterfall kit can accommodate your desired length of stream.
  • Does your pondless waterfall kit come with all the necessary components?
  • Does your pondless waterfall kit contain quality products that are built to last?
  • Are you purchasing from a reputable source?

Step 3 Install & Support

Install & SupportPutting it all together!

  • Does your pondless kit come with step by step instructions or a DVD?
  • Where do I start?  Set your spillway or fastfalls box and then dig your basin.
  • Set felt and liners.  Place eco-blox and pump vault.  Plumb pump.
  • Add rock and use waterfall foam to secure rocks in the stream.
  • If you have questions, does your pondless kit provider have construction experience? 

Purchase today!

Pondless Waterfall Kits

Understanding pondless waterfall kits

Bringing nature into the home or recreational area is a common feature that can be exhibited in a variety of ways. Using pondless waterfall kits is one of the ways that many people have brought nature into the home and improved the overall appearance the area. Pondless waterfall kits can be simply described as a waterfall that re-circulates the water through the use of a pump but do not have a pond to drain off into. There are two major types of waterfall kits that do not drain off into ponds namely basic and professional which is based on the type of set up that is needed.

Waterfall kits that are professionally set up usually have components that are large as well as upgraded. The pumps used are usually large which results in waterfalls that are longer and the flow rate that is higher which is because the pressure produced by the pump that is higher as well. These types of waterfall kits are best used in recreational areas that have a large space set aside for its installation. On the other hand, are the basic pondless waterfall kits that are smaller in size and easy to set up. They are mostly used by home owners who want to improve the landscape around the home which might be limited in size. However, they are still as effective in increasing the overall appearance of the home.

Reasons to invest in pondless waterfall kits

The popularity of waterfalls that do not drain into a pond is increasing on a gradual basis with more people realizing the benefits that they can have by installing it, either at home or a recreational centre. First, the waterfalls provide an impression of a real waterfall which when set up well will result in creating a natural ambience that can be enjoyed whether it is indoors or outdoors. Furthermore, it is quite safe because there is no water pool that can lead to a hazardous situation especially when children are involved.

 Even with the variety of waterfall kits that are available to fit in different spaces, these kits are still quite ideal for recreational areas such as home gardens that may not be able to accommodate the building of a pond because of space. Furthermore, the maintenance of the waterfall is also simple as it is only the water reservoir that needs refilling because of the water lost. General cleaning can also be done on a regular basis depending on the location where it has been set up, which determines its exposure to various elements that might slow down its functionality.

Setting up of waterfalls that do not have a pond is less costly than the building of a traditional pond, yet the effects are similar when the set up has been done. The affordable cost offered for these waterfall kits is derived from the less materials used to set up, labor costs and operational costs as well. In addition, using these particular waterfall kits do not shut out the possibility of building a traditional pond in the future. There are some models that allow the home owner to be able to build a bond at the base of the waterfall kit in case they need to do so.

Lastly,the pondless waterfall kit will be able to demonstrate the various features that are visible with natural waterfalls so that the experience is as real as possible. With good landscaping, the waterfall can include other aspects of nature such as rocks, vegetation and even fish as per the preference of the home owner.

What to consider when selecting pondless waterfall kits

Many home owners are excited about having a waterfall that does not include a pond to complement the appearance of the garden. There are many companies that are selling these waterfall kits at affordable prices and for different space sizes and so it is important to buy that the one bought should be able to meet the home owner’s needs. Therefore, it is important to have some guidelines to follow when planning to purchase a waterfall kit so that the selection is satisfactory.

First, it is important to consider the budget that has been set aside to make the purchase because it will help narrow down the waterfall kits that should be looked at when browsing through different websites. Furthermore, it helps in the comparison of prices on different websites after the decision on the size and make of the waterfall kit.

Next, the features that the kit has are important as well as they will determine the functions that it will be able to perform. It should also be easy to maintain and be repaired at a fair cost so that there is no strain on the home owner in the future.

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