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What is a pondless waterfall?

What is a pondless waterfall? A pondless waterfall is a waterfall or stream that disappears into a bed of river rock instead of a pool of water. The pump is located below the gravel in the pump vault where the water circulates back up to the top of the pondless waterfall spillway. In essence, it is a waterfall or stream minus a pond. Thus the name, pondless waterfall.

Benefits of a Pondless Waterfall:

Benefits of a Pondless Waterfall: • Easy to construct • Virtually maintenance free • Great for those who travel • Can be activated by the flip of a switch • Can fit into any size landscape • Energy efficient • Safety (standing water can be dangerous for small children)

3 Steps to building a pondless waterfall…


Step 1 Design

Design…Things to consider when building your pondless waterfall

  • Location- Front yard, back yard, entry way, side yard etc…
  • Viewing areas- Enjoy your pondless waterfall from several viewpoints in your yard.
  • Length- Pondless waterfalls can fit in any area.  How long do you want your steam to be?
  • Rock- What type of rock are you using in your pondless waterfall?
  • Electrical- Most pumps are 110V and come with a 10’-20’ power cord.
  • Water supply- Use a garden hose to top off your pondless waterfall or would you rather install an auto fill?

Step 2 Purchase

PurchaseWhat size pondless kit?

  • Make sure your pondless waterfall kit can accommodate your desired length of stream.
  • Does your pondless waterfall kit come with all the necessary components?
  • Does your pondless waterfall kit contain quality products that are built to last?
  • Are you purchasing from a reputable source?

Step 3 Install & Support

Install & SupportPutting it all together!

  • Does your pondless kit come with step by step instructions or a DVD?
  • Where do I start?  Set your spillway or fastfalls box and then dig your basin.
  • Set felt and liners.  Place eco-blox and pump vault.  Plumb pump.
  • Add rock and use waterfall foam to secure rocks in the stream.
  • If you have questions, does your pondless kit provider have construction experience? 

Purchase today!


Pondless waterfalls

The natural progression of the water that is found in a waterfall, in its natural habitat is that it drains off into a pond. The water in the pond acts a reservoir for the water that eventually evaporates leaving space for more water from the waterfall. However, many natural waterfalls are found in their habitat or in recreational areas that have been built around it so that it is the main attraction in the area. Some home owners would like to have a waterfall in their backyard to complement their home but do not have the funds to have one dug up. It is in these types of situations that pondless waterfalls provide an alternative that meets similar objectives as that of traditional ponds.

Pondless waterfalls are preferred by many as compared to the traditional ones because they are less costly and safe for those who have children. To be able to set up a waterfall that has no pond the equipment needed are minimal but the results amazing as long as the set up is done well. Furthermore pondless waterfall are quite easy to maintain and can be installed in different area sizes depending on the preference of the home owner.

What is contained in a pondless waterfall kit?

To be able to set up a pondless waterfall that will be able to work effectively, it is important to buy a pondless kit that has all the genuine components to enable the set up to be successful. These waterfalls can be set up by a home owner or a professional technician depending on the size and complexity of the set up process. The components can be bought at shops at a physical location or online that sell equipment that are used to set up waterfalls that do not have a pond.

Some of the key components that are found in the waterfall kit include the water pump which will pump water and re-circulate it so that it can flow downstream on a consistent basis. The bigger the waterfall, the larger the pump needed to ensure that the flow rate remains as consistent as possible.  The advantage with this pump is that it does not have to be pumped continuously for the waterfall to be active during the day or night. From the pump there is also a filter that is attached to a pipe that the water passes through before being directed back to the reservoir. This action takes place on a consistent basis which results in the appearance of a waterfall that has no pond as its base. 

Furthermore, there are other components that might feature in a variety of waterfall kits apart from the basic ones in order to enhance the output that the waterfall gives to the home owner. Also, the parts may differ from one manufacturer to another as well.

Improving the appearance of pondless waterfalls

Majority of the people who have set up waterfalls that do not have ponds have the basic structure which includes the flowing water and the pump that is found at its base which is responsible for re-circulating the water within the waterfall kit. However, it is possible to enhance the appearance of pondless waterfalls to be able to bring out ones personality or preference within the home. Some of the most common ways of improving the experience brought into the home by pondless waterfalls include the creating of different flow patterns to excite the eyes as the water flows from the top to the base. These patterns can be dramatic or calm depending on the preference of the home owner and they include splashes, water falling off the steep, water flowing smoothly like a river, or introduction of steps in the path of the water fall.

Another way to enhance pondless waterfalls is by introducing some types of plants next to it so that it creates an ambience of nature. The home owner can choose to plant the seeds and watch them grow especially if the pondless waterfall is outside. At times outdoor animals will perch on the pondless waterfall when the setting up has been done which is a plus for the overall look.  However, for those that have installed it indoors it is better to transplant some vegetation and place it next pondless waterfall to achieve a natural look. Furthermore, plastic birds and animals can also be placed on the waterfall to bring in some life onto the indoor pondless waterfall.

The use of lighting is also important in improving the appearance of the waterfall with no pond, because as the lights fall on the water will create reflection that look good at night. During this time the pondless waterfall will be the main attraction in the room because of the mood of relaxation it brings.

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