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What is a pondless waterfall?

What is a pondless waterfall? A pondless waterfall is a waterfall or stream that disappears into a bed of river rock instead of a pool of water. The pump is located below the gravel in the pump vault where the water circulates back up to the top of the pondless waterfall spillway. In essence, it is a waterfall or stream minus a pond. Thus the name, pondless waterfall.

Benefits of a Pondless Waterfall:

Benefits of a Pondless Waterfall: • Easy to construct • Virtually maintenance free • Great for those who travel • Can be activated by the flip of a switch • Can fit into any size landscape • Energy efficient • Safety (standing water can be dangerous for small children)

3 Steps to building a pondless waterfall…


Step 1 Design

Design…Things to consider when building your pondless waterfall

  • Location- Front yard, back yard, entry way, side yard etc…
  • Viewing areas- Enjoy your pondless waterfall from several viewpoints in your yard.
  • Length- Pondless waterfalls can fit in any area.  How long do you want your steam to be?
  • Rock- What type of rock are you using in your pondless waterfall?
  • Electrical- Most pumps are 110V and come with a 10’-20’ power cord.
  • Water supply- Use a garden hose to top off your pondless waterfall or would you rather install an auto fill?

Step 2 Purchase

PurchaseWhat size pondless kit?

  • Make sure your pondless waterfall kit can accommodate your desired length of stream.
  • Does your pondless waterfall kit come with all the necessary components?
  • Does your pondless waterfall kit contain quality products that are built to last?
  • Are you purchasing from a reputable source?

Step 3 Install & Support

Install & SupportPutting it all together!

  • Does your pondless kit come with step by step instructions or a DVD?
  • Where do I start?  Set your spillway or fastfalls box and then dig your basin.
  • Set felt and liners.  Place eco-blox and pump vault.  Plumb pump.
  • Add rock and use waterfall foam to secure rocks in the stream.
  • If you have questions, does your pondless kit provider have construction experience? 

Purchase today!

Q: What is an Eco-blox and why is it necessary in a pondless waterfall kit?

A:  Simply put, Eco-blox were designed to contain water. An Eco-blox consists of 8 rectangular panels that snap together to form a 27.5”L x 16”W x 17.5”H box that holds 31.5 gallons of water. A pondless basin filled with Eco-blox holds three times as much water than one backfilled solely with cobble. So you can dig one-third the basin, move one-third the soil, and forget about the cost and effort of all that cobble to fill in the rest of the basin. If you were to fill in the basin area with only a pump vault and cobble, there would be no space for water to collect. The pump would run dry before the water had a chance to fully circulate up to the spillway box and come back down the stream. When purchasing a pondless waterfall kit, make sure your kit includes eco-blox.

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